Adult Anxiety Therapy

For as long as you can remember, you have felt anxious, stressed, and worried. Now, the strategies that used to work are no longer helping. And right when you feel like you’ve gotten control over one stressor or worry there’s another one waiting to take its place.

You’re tired of feeling worried and on edge. The racing thoughts, the constant tension in your body, and never-ending restlessness is exhausting… and the lack of sleep isn’t helping either.

You often wonder, and worry about, what other people think about you. You rehearse “conversations” in your head that usually turn into arguments. These arguments rarely actually happen, which leaves you frustrated that you wasted your time rehearsing and planning your defense. Or maybe, you keep replaying situations and conversations, thinking about how you could have done them “better.”

You’re doing your best to get through, but it’s been getting harder. You might even feel on the brink of tears at any moment. You know the worry is unnecessary but you just can’t seem to make it stop.

The worry gets in the way of having fun. The constant dread of anxiety rearing its ugly head is always there and keeps you from enjoying yourself and your loved ones. You spend so much time in your head, that you aren’t connecting with others the way you want. You just wish you could be more present and enjoy life.

The one drink that used to help relax you has turned into several. The marijuana no longer helps the way it used to. You’re worried about how much or how often you are drinking or getting high – and so is your family. But you’re not sure you would be able to relax without it.

You might not know why it’s gotten as bad as it has, but you know one thing for sure. Now is the time to do something about it. You can’t continue to let it impact your relationships or your work. The problem is… you have no idea how to do that.

That’s where I come in. Though we won’t get rid of your anxiety, I will help you learn to control it. For more about anxiety, click here.

There are several things we will accomplish in our work together, all of which will help you reduce and manage your anxiety.

First, I’ll help you understand anxiety in general. We’ll spend some time learning more about your anxiety, because it’s not the same for everyone. What are your symptoms? Which ones bother you the most? What triggers your worry? What makes it better or worse for you? What are your goals for your anxiety?

Next, we’ll identify the healthy things you are doing that help with your anxiety. We’ll figure out how you can use these more. I’ll also help you implement some simple, helpful changes that will make you start feeling better when you need it most–quickly.

Then, we’ll focus on long-term techniques to tackle your anxiety. Ways to recognize when your anxiety and worry is increasing. Ways to calm your body and your mind when anxiety starts to take hold. Challenging the thoughts and activities that tend to increase your worry.

When we’re finished, you’ll be in control of your anxiety, rather than it having control over you. You’ll tell yourself you can handle it. And you’ll actually believe it this time. Your thoughts will become quieter, slower, kinder. You’ll be in your life rather than worrying about it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even come to embrace anxiety for the ways that it can help you.