Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma in Towson MD

Bloom: (v) to come into full beauty or health; to flourish or thrive

I work with children, teens, and adults who suffer from anxiety or have a history of trauma. I help them live their best life without the crushing weight of these burdens. And I can help you too.

My clients struggle like you do. Despite being motivated, hard-working, and doing everything they can to get through the day, they often feel like they are barely getting by. And at the end of the day, they are exhausted. They look in the mirror and are filled with shame.

Bloom Psychological Services Towson MD Dr. Karin ClearyBefore our work together, the parents of the children I see were having a hard time, just like you. Despite being loving and effective parents who do everything in their power to help their child, it just didn’t feel like enough. They were heartbroken that they couldn’t take their child’s anxiety and pain away.

Despite doing everything they can to get through their day, life for my clients was harder than it needed to be. They would plan enjoyable activities but often found themselves either too exhausted or too afraid to go.  They believed that maybe they would be too anxious to enjoy themselves even if they went. They began to avoid all sorts of things – and it got in the way of living.

When many clients first come to see me, they often don’t remember a life without anxiety or fear. They have struggled for so long and now feel like they are defined by their anxiety or their trauma.

They replay everything – things they said, things they did, things they have been through. These thoughts occupy way too much space in their mind. Their emotions are scattered and so easily sparked. Their thoughts and feelings seem to be out of their control.

The parents of the children I see feel like they have failed their child by not protecting them enough. They had been working so hard to help their child cope with their feelings of anxiety and reactions from trauma but didn’t feel it was enough.

For many of my clients, their anxiety or trauma history gets in the way of living their ideal life. They aren’t the kind of partner or parent they want to be. Their confidence has plummeted and they feel like a failure in any role they play – and this cycle continues despite their best efforts to stop it.

Before they came to see me, my clients worried that they would feel like this forever and that there was nothing they could do. They were afraid they would never heal from anxiety and fear. It would always have control of them. They were pretty certain therapy wouldn’t help, but they were still hopeful.

Like my clients, you deserve to get through your day without the heavy burden of anxiety or past trauma.  Healing is within reach. I’d love to help you let go of the struggle, feel strong and confident, and live a life without fear and avoidance.

I’m Karin. My straightforward approach is influenced by my “Jersey Girl” roots and is complimented by gentleness and patience from my time living in California. I am here to challenge and help you to do the work you need in order to love yourself again. I want you to immerse yourself in life, free of worry, fear, shame, or doubt. I will give you the space, support, and tools you need to bloom in your brightest colors.

You don’t have to keep suffering. I can help.


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